Jennifer Poulson

Jennifer Poulson

1060 S Main St | Suite 202 | St. George, UT 84770

Top 5% of REALTORS in Washington County Board of Realtors

CLHMS™ designation and GUILD™ recognition

I grew up in Missouri, surrounded by family, where I was taught to look at life through the lens of possibility. I am passionate about life and driven to learn how to live it well. I place highest priority on honesty and sincerity in my personal and professional life. One of the most impactful things I learned in college is the principal of "beginning with the end in mind", (thank you Steven Covey).

In the beginning of any endeavor my focus is to gather and organize everything there is to learn about the task at hand. This practice has taught me how to ask the questions that create a clear vision of the desired outcome. Prior to moving to southern Utah in 2017, I raised my family (2 boys & 2 girls) in Las Vegas. Most of my mornings began at 5:30am and ended at midnight. As a single mother I worked diligently to provide for my children and that work ethic is still with me today. 

Living in Las Vegas (and working in the real estate development industry) before, during and after "the crash" reinforced to me the importance of integrity and taught me a great deal about perspective. I learned that the only thing we can truly control in any market or industry is how we treat other people. 

I am passionate about doing the right thing for all my clients. Others will simply throw your listing up and hope it sells. My team actively sells your listing every day through multiple marketing channels. I treat my buyers like they are apart of the family. I will never push you to buy something that is not the best fit for you.